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Provincial and Regional Fitness Information

Introduction to the FIFA Fitness Test for Referees
The official fitness test for football referees consists of two tests. Test 1, Repeated Sprint Ability (RSA), measures the referee’s ability to perform repeated sprints over 40m. Test 2, Interval Test, evaluates the referee’s capacity to perform a series of high-speed runs over 75m interspersed with 25m walking intervals.

New video of SSRA referee fitness training in action released

Scarborough Fitness Training
A fitness training video clip was provided by Isaac Raymond. Fitness is an extremely important part of being a competent referee. It takes good conditioning to be constantly on the move during a match in order to have the best possible positioning to make the correct calls.

SSRA Branch Education

At the SSRA, we believe quality training lays the groundwork for good referees

Referee's decisions often determine the outcome of a game, and therefore subject to a high level of scrutiny at all levels of the game. This is why continued education and fitness are two very important aspect of refereeing. Branch members are encouraged to take full advantage of planned seminars and education programs


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