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2017Kuizan Ontario and FIFA Acheivements

Congratulations to Kuizan who is now a certified FIFA Futuro 3 Fitness Instructor and Ontario Fitness Instructor

Kuizan started this journey in June this year, when OSA requested every district to submit the name of a referee in good standing with a desire for fitness. 

Kuizan was recommended by Scarborough based on his commitment and dedication demonstrated in his capacity as education officer.

He conducted fitness training and education to our referees with distiinction

Ontario Soccer Association appointed Kuizan to the position of Provincial Fitness Instructor and had to take the Provincial Fitness Instructor's course

Kuizan was then selected by O S A to attend the 2017 FIFA Futuro 3 Fitness Instructor's Course held in Jamaica in September this year

The rest is history, he is now a qualified FIFA Futuro 3 Fitness Instructor and Ontareio Fitness Instructor

Your friends and colleagues are very proud of your accomplishments and wish you continued success in your future endevours

 updated Nov.12th 2017